Surgery Wednesday. Today my joys were...

Having some fun surprises from Oma to open in the morning to keep Zach's mind busy. 

Seeing my big boy look so little before getting his tonsils out. 

That after surgery all he wanted was me :)

That my awesome hubby got Zach a new stuffed animal (ninja turtle!) and came to help me when he got out. 

That Zach was a sweetheart all day and even joined us for dinner! 

2 Twenty three

Busy Tuesday! My joys today...

Although I wasn't excited about the mess, my joy was Kayden saying, "But Mom, I'm just trying to find my Paw Patrol coloring book!"

Going to go get Zach some surprises for his surgery tomorrow. 

That Kayden has to lay on me like this for quiet time. 

Making it through a huge 'getting soft foods' shopping trip with these sweet peas!

Letting Zach pick any dinner he wanted and him picking the most expensive and fatning- bacon wrapped pizza!

Taking the time to get everything ready and set for Zach's big day! 

FeBRuArY 22

Start of a new week... Today my joys were...

The best joy we could have asked for- the doctor called and the results of Hannah's echocardiogram results were good!!! Her heart is strong and healthy!

My smoothie basket ;)

These sillies wanting to play on the deck but still needing jackets and hats!

This amazing sunset!!!

Feb 21

I love Sunday's! Today my joys were..

This handsome devil taking a selfie... Sometimes I see pictures like this of my kids and just think- man I'm so lucky!

Making a new priveledge/consequence chart!

Trevor making delicious gluten free dessert!


Saturday! Today my joys were..

Seeing these 2 brothers play together ;)

We had a rough night with Kayden coughing so hard he'd throw up. My joy was waking up and seeing his little couch and blankets on my floor by our bed and remembering how tiny he is ;)

Having grandma and grandpa come to Camerons basketball game!

Watching this great team! His couches were so so awesome!

Seeing his proud smile!

Watching this sweet boy happily draw while we waited for the doctor at Instacare. 

Coming home to this daddy's girl enjoying some sunshine one the deck for the first time this year!!

Finally getting our pantry organized! White baskets normal, blue gluten free! 

My midnight snack... Chips and homemade guacamole and a nummy fruit smoothie!

February 19th

Finally Friday! There were lots of joys today!!! 

My dad (also called Pops) came to see us! Hannah and Kayden insisted he had a sucker with them ;)

Seeing my dad play on the floor with our kids is the biggest joy ever!

Once the big boys got home they played some catch. ;) so much joy seeing Cameron and my dad throwing far... And then watching my dad teach Zach how to catch!

Seeing the millions of Pokemon cards be played with ;)

I love when my dad leaves he always says, "Ok honey!" 

Putting the new bins to use and finally organizing Hannah and Kaydens toys!

Having a movie night with our sweet family!! 


Happy Thursday! Today my joys were...

I told Kayden I didn't feel good. He ran out and back in with a box of tissues and said, "let me get you set up so you can rest."

Making dinner for a friend's family!

And buying a LOT of bins at the dollar store... Organization here we come!